The Physical Benefits Of Long Distance Running

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There is a big topic in the sports and athletic world today surrounding the activity of long distance running. This seems to be an activity that people either love or hate, and there never really is an in between. Despite whether a person likes long distance running or not, the topic that this paper will be focusing on is whether it is beneficial to one’s health. After researching the effects that long distance has, I have concluded that it is a beneficial method to achieve physical fitness and improve health. Running has been shown to improve not only physical health, but also mental health, and though it is beneficial, there is an incorrect way to run long distances and that is where much of the argument lies. I will be explaining both the physical and mental advantages of long distance running as well as explain where the potential injury lies in the activity. Overall, I will be proving that the activity of long distance running is beneficial. The first part that I will be focusing on are the physical benefits of long distance running. One of the main physical benefits, and probably the most popular reason for people to run long distance, is the calorie burning. Running is an aerobic exercise that makes use of the oxidative energy system our body has. This prolonged exercise forces the body to produce large amounts of ATP to keep the body moving and it get this ATP from the stored fats in the body. When the body makes this energy, it takes from the stared

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