The Physical, Cognitive, and Social-Emotional Effects of Precocious Puberty

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First, puberty is the complicated process of boys and girls sexually maturing to be able and ready to reproduce physically, cognitively, and socially/emotionally. During this time, girls between the ages of eight and fourteen, boys between the ages of nine and fifteen, their bodies release hormones causing a multitude of changes. Precocious puberty is the abnormally early onset of puberty, before age eight in girls and nine in boys. This early start of puberty for girls and boys has many effects, including physical, cognitive, and social/emotional that may cause some problems. In addition there are two different types of PP, which include central precocious puberty (Gonadotropin dependent) and peripheral precocious puberty (Gonadotropin independent). Gonadotropin dependent is when the pituitary gland is stimulated to produce gonadotropins (hormones). Then those hormones cause the gonads of both genders to produce sex hormones that are responsible for the advancement of puberty. As for gonadotropin independent, meaning the sex hormones are responsible for the symptoms, but the pituitary gland is not. True CPP/PPP is accountable for prominent secondary sexual characteristics, accelerated bone age, a shorter finishing stature, disproportionate body debut, and psychological issues. Causes Precocious puberty can be caused by a variety of things or can just be early normal puberty. “In about 25%-75% of affected boys, this condition is due to underlying medical

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