Moving To America Essay

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The places people grew up are significant to the development of the person they’re today. In my life travelling from state to state has helped develop me into a more understanding person of how the world works in different ways. In my travels of moving from Hawaii, Maryland, California and now Florida, I have been engulfed in all the United States has to offer from these very different places. The travels I took were built upon the culture, the sights, and the education from these states.

The misconception of the United States is that it is titled “white.” While the United States does have a fair amount of white citizens, it thrives on its diversity of cultures. While living in Maryland I was quickly captured by the African American heritage. Lots of soul food and lots of family parties. Maryland neighborhoods were like a brotherhood, everyone wasn’t wealthy, but everyone checked each other’s backs. My understanding of having nothing and surrounding yourself with people you love developed greatly with the ethnic surrounding of my black friends and neighbors. Then came the day where I moved to California and a whole new side of me was soon to blossom. All of my favorite memories with my “brotherhood” were hard to continue with the lack of a strong enclave of African Americans in southern California. I was now immersed in the Mexican lifestyle. The food became spicier and the music was more upbeat and brought happiness in every song. But the main attribute that made me fall

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