The Planet Of The Apes

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The Planet of the Apes franchise completely overtook the film industry starting in 1968, after the original film hit theaters. Since then, there has been a reboot, two sequels, merchandise, and even a TV series. This film was such a success for many reasons- its clever allegories to race, religion, and politics, the phenomenal makeup and costume design, the world-building that was almost unheard of in 1968 (maybe even giving inspiration for the world-building in the first Star Wars film which hit theaters in 1977), you name it. However, there is one thing above all that comes to the mind of both film buffs and newbies alike when one thinks of the original Planet of the Apes-- and that is the phenomenal twist ending. Planet of the Apes is a science fiction film that surrounds the journey of astronaut George Taylor, who landed his ship on a planet that he concludes exists in a completely different time than earth when he departed. On his quest, Taylor loses the three astronauts that were travelling with him and realizes that this planet is ran completely by a civilized society of apes, and he found the humans to be mute, savage, and animalistic. The film follows Taylor as he is captured by this literate community of apes and attempts to understand how this world came to be. After forming an animosity with Dr. Zaius, the orangutan minister of science, who seemed to fear the idea of humans gaining intelligence, Taylor escaped his capture in search of the reason why this planet

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