The Plotline Of Back To The Future By Robert Zemeckis

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Back to the future by Robert Zemeckis is a fictional narrative. The plotline of this movie is that a young boy, Marty is accidentally sent to the past in a time travel machine invented by a scientist in the movie, Doc Brown. The setting of the movie is in an urban area referred to as Hill Valley in the movie. Back to the Future involves time travel, comedy scenes, and have creative science-fiction plotting, but the storyline of this narrative is pretty straightforward and easy to follow because instead of the scene switches between two different timelines (1985 and 1955.
In the beginning of the movie, the inciting incident is that Doc Brown called Marty to meet him because he was testing his time travel machine. It is this incident that brought a transition in Marty’s life. In the scene where the terrorists were attacking Doc Brown, Marty took a decision to escape using the time travel car. This is a plot point in the movie because from then Marty’s life has taken a different turn that is different from his present life.
Marty, being a protagonist, faces many conflicts and obstacles in the middle of the film, one of them has mistakenly gone in the past. He then takes action to solve the obstacles, he is facing, for instance with the help of Doc Brown he is trying to go to his present life by using the time travel car. In the meantime, he met his father, George, and mother, Lorraine. Marty tried to unite his parents in the past for his survival in the present, which is a

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