The Policy Developments During The European Union ( Eu ) And Uk Drug Policies

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In order to review the advantages and disadvantages of technocratic governance, this paper will be drawing on the policy developments in the fields of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) regulation in the European Union (EU) and UK drug policies. The paper aims to review how policy developments in these areas are approached technocraticaly and whether this approach is effective. With regards to GMOs, the specific type of technocratic governance that this paper will look at is comitology. This is the use of a committee of scientists, field experts and representatives of European nation states making decisions based on expert opinions, regardless of what the evidence and the data gathered shows, although, the European commission ultimately has the final say over policies to be implemented across Europe. However, this might be out of necessity as the different nation states generally cannot agree on GMO policies. This paper will also look at the UK drug policies, and how experts are asked to report on their views on how to establish a less damaging drug regime. The paper will argue that the current approach to drug use in the UK is an out-dated and unrealistic form of regulation. To do this, it will look at statistical evidence of drug related crimes or the risks in relation to some other activities that are legal, as per the research gathered by the Home Office. This paper will look at both the benefits and the disadvantages of technocratic governance in the context of the

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