The Portal In The Lake Essay

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The Portal in the Lake
Crack! My heavy, black leather boots snapped twigs and leaves alike as I trekked through the forest. My dark blue jeans were soaked with sweat, even though it was March. My black, furry vest, complete with survival tools, covered my long-sleeved, sky blue, fleece-lined sweater. My navy-blue backpack held a change of clothes, food, and other necessities. My dark turquoise iPhone 6s was resting in my vest pocket. “C’mon!” I called to my eleven-year-old twin brother, Jake, who was at least ten paces behind me. “Slow down, Vi!” Jake laughed good-naturedly. Unlike most boys, Jake was okay for a brother. I rolled my eyes and waited for him to catch up. When he finally did, we hiked a little farther, then stopped. As I …show more content…

Suddenly held down by an indescribable force, I struggled to resurface. When I reached the surface, I felt a hand grab me and pat my back. I coughed out mouthfuls of brackish lake water. “You okay?” I heard a familiar voice say. Shaking, I collapsed into Jake’s arms. When I finally recovered, I looked around and realized I was not back at our camp. “Where are we?” I breathed in awe. Glancing around me, I saw the heavily forested area. Then, I saw the snow-capped mountain peak overhead. The lake that I had just swam out of was now crystal clear. Standing quietly, I could hear the rustle of the breeze through the trees. I reached into my vest to take a picture of this place with my phone. But when I brought it out, I strained to hear the dying beep of my phone. “Noooo!” I groaned in agony. My entire life had been for nothing! My phone was DEAD! In the distance, I could hear Jake’s footsteps, and I could smell his muddy boots. Actually, I couldn’t! That was strange, because usually his boots could be smelled miles away. I turned to look at him and I gasped. His boots and hiking outfit had been replaced with, on his head, a newsboy hat, and, on his torso, a ragged tunic hung loosely on his limbs, like our stepmother’s false hug, and on his legs, breeches, and high socks. I laughed. Jake smiled. “Nice dress!” I looked down and moaned. I had on a waist-gripping, mint-green dress with a frilly white apron

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