The Positive Effects Of Technology

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Not too long ago, most work was done through sturdy physical and mental capabilities. Humans as mostly progressive beings continue to evolve, constantly feeling the urge to rise to the apex versions of themselves. However, will humans rise only to fall? Well there are both sides to everything and the possibility of technology bringing society to its knees has sparked a lot of controversies and this essay…….( Naf, if the argument is about positive effect of tech, what should the thesis be?)
Does technologies like smartphones, computers and the internet really affect students in a negative or positive way in the educational arena? The magnitude of this question might seem easy to answer, however, the debate about the effect of technology on the lives of students and technology users has been an ongoing debate for years. Though the use of technology comes with some negative effect like students being distracted, humans should embrace and advocate for the use and advancement of technology in schools since the positive effect of technology outweighs the negative. Technologies not only help spread information around but it makes the day to day lives of students easy. Technology with no doubt, is one of the greatest invention ever created. During the nomadic era and the establishment of civilization, humans invented tools to make life easier. The discovery of fire and the invention of early tools like spears during the Stone Age were many of the technologies humankind used

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