Technology And Its Impact On Human Life And Improvement Of The Socio Economic Relations

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The use of technology is worldwide domineering owing to its impact on human life and improvement of the socio-economic relations worldwide. For instance, the wireless communication involving mobile phones and computers are the fastest diffusing globally. This has given technology a lot of popularity among the teens and the youths. One thing we have to agree on is that technology cannot be done away with from students since it helps them in preparing for the real world. Therefore, for them to be relevant in the world, they have to have an encounter with it. Technology has been viewed to have both positive and negative impacts. Some youths and teens are of the opinion that, technology makes their lives safer and more expedient. However, in this paper I take a different perspective since students are not able to do tasks on their own anymore. Electronics and current technology such as a computer and cellphones hinder the students’ academic performance and basic learning abilities by promoting procrastination, increasing distractions during class, and inhibiting the use of outside resources. Nonetheless, technology cannot be solely blamed for hindering students and their academic studies (Rossing et al., 11). The use of technology especially in the mobile phones and computers has impacted students greatly through addiction. Students use most of their time on these gadgets hence resulting in their enslavement. This clearly shows that students channel their time and efforts at

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