The Positive Effects of Technology in Education Essays

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Abstract As technology expands into homes and businesses around the world, this paper looks at how schools will also benefit from its integration. With the “No Child Left Behind Act” as a guide to challenging new standards, schools need to look at the different types of technology available to them now and how it will benefit not only the students but also what this could mean for instructors and administrators too. In order to meet the ever changing needs of the economies technology, the responsibility to bring schools up to date falls upon the entire community and school districts alike.

The Positive Effects of Technology in Education

It’s 3:00pm. The kids run home from school, grab a snack and reluctantly sit down to their
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This prevents students from having to strain to see what’s being taught. There are several features included in the software that make engaging with students more productive such as Screen sharing, blank student screens, shut down/restart, file transfer, and chat. ( Screen sharing is a tool which allows teachers to share what is on their screen with the entire class. It is not limited to only the teacher’s screen. A student may also share with the class a screen or project that they have created. The Blank Student Screen command will get student’s attention by turning black, or another color, and has the option of displaying a message or image. This will divert the class from continuing their work while they are supposed to be watching the teacher. Shutting down all the computers at the end of the day, or restarting them all at the beginning can be very time consuming. Management software offers instructors a tool that shuts down or restarts the entire lab with the click of a mouse from the instructor’s computer. For this feature to work properly, it is required that all computers have a Network Interface Card (NIC) installed inside. The transferring files option makes it easy for students and teachers to access files or lessons through a shared folder on the schools file server. Teachers can distribute files from their computer
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