The Positive Side Of Globalization

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The Positive Side of Globalization Globalization is what unites this world. As time passes, it has become easier to communicate with people worldwide. With dedication, education and will, you can have a full conversation in a foreign language anytime. If looked at in depth, globalization contributed to the spread of your native language because it was transferred by many people. As you can see, globalization is something that can help us communicate across long distances and much more. There are various thoughts on whether globalization is good or bad. The word “good” has a meaning that expresses that something meets the expectations, but has slight flaws. Globalization fits the “good” description because it provides economical growth, access to foreign products, cultural blends and the trade of ideas. Globalization is good because of the positive economic effect of the rise of capitalism. Capitalism is the economic system of private ownership and resource investments. Oversea colonies and trade caused merchants to gain wealth. As the merchants continued to invest in trade, the profits gained allowed merchants and traders to reinvest money into other enterprises (Beck et. al. p. 573). The reinvestment in enterprises lead to the growth of businesses all across Europe. As businesses grew in Europe, the money supply of other nations increased as well. This proves that the trade, coming from globalization, caused wealth in a “chain method”. First the merchants and traders
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