The Potent Mix Of Creativity And Madness

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“The potent mix of creativity and madness is imposed on writers and creative artists by the randomness of a genetic dice roll, but many artists with healthy minds choose to accept the Faustian bargain and induce madness with drugs to reach new summits in their art.” (Fields, R. D) The destruction of a person of any intoxicating material can result in such beautiful outcomes. The human race has accepted their history and works because it’s their own choice by recreational intake, for productivity, and self-medicating that has kept them alive for us to view their own life and such mentality that some may learn from or even follow. Without the self-induced madness and without the people who tried self-treating psychiatric illnesses, we would…show more content…
The impacts can make us attracted to experience depending on the emotional/mental stability and environment. Feeling safe and secure in an environment can result in pleasant and self-seeking psychedelic experiences. Switch the scene and mental setting, the consumer is most likely to have a possibly traumatizing trip from the substance and having a terrible experience can cause the person to have repetitive panic attacks, developing depression, and other mental disorders that other psychedelic drugs may not help get over. It is told that cannabis may help, but also has the potential to be triggering to other current symptoms as well. The effects show greatly in their works when it’s either literature, music or physical (drawn or sculpted) art. When taking uppers(cocaine, caffeine) and downers(tobacco, alcohol), the outcomes vary distinctly. Uppers cause a frenzy of productivity along with creativity and downers result in realistic works and more of the thought of darkness in the mentality that can be identified. To distinct drugs from one another, a good key would be from determined classes, sub-classes and the short/long term effects they have. Another key would be if it’s psychologically or physically affecting the user, this would either be a mental high or pain relief. Uppers, a class of drugs, cause a significant difference in heart rate, temperature and also some audio/visual distortion. This class of drugs
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