The Power Of Adolf Hitler

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Introduction Germany has had a variety of leadership styles in the past century. A monarchy, a republic, and a dictatorship. All of this happened in the life span of a man named Adolf Hitler. He was an Austrian citizen with a tremendous amount of pride for the country of Germany. This man would be one of the most unrelenting dictators of the century, causing the bloodiest war in history, causing almost seventy-three million deaths. You must be wondering, ¨ How could a man that would cause that much damage to get into a position of power?¨ He achieved the position of Fuhrer through the use of loopholes in the Weimar Republic's voting system and setting up events that would devastate the current government, and ultimately increase his power. As well as using the failures of the republic, the great depression, and his public speaking skills, he took over Germany and led it through the events of WWII. Hitler's Involvement In the German Workers Party
For a man to take over a country, he must be determined, have passion, a drive. Adolf Hitler´s was the NAZI Party, previously known as the German Workers Party (DAP). The German Workers Party had very drastic views on the Republic in rule. They believed that the government is responsible for the failures of the country, that the Jewish people are responsible for the lack of jobs and that they are inferior to Germans, as well as communism and capitalism are going to be the destruction

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