The Power Of Adolf Hitler

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Hitler’s Leadership

Strength lies not in defence but in attack-Adolf Hitler. The dictator that began the biggest world war in history. Austrian Adolf Hitler served in the German army in World War 1 where he gained interest in politics and government issues. Hitler and the Nazis started an empire when Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933. Hitler’s leadership was extremely significant to the collapse of peace in 1939 because of the holocaust, the youth programs, and the terrorizing of citizens in Germany.

Before Hitler became chancellor and dictator of Germany the population of the jews in Europe was over 9 million. After Hitler became chancellor in 1933 the population started decreasing. The whole term of the genocide of jews is called “the Holocaust”. Anti-semitism is hate towards jews which is exactly what Hitler had towards jews. The “Final Solution” was the plan that the Nazis made to get rid of all “inferior races”. Hitler made concentration camps to put these people inside to work until death. In the concentration camps not only Jews were targeted. The other groups targeted were gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, elderly, toddlers, homosexual, the disabled, some slavic people such as Poles, Russians, and others. Before being sent to the death camps these people lived in ghettos. However when the second world war initiated all of these groups of people were sent in masses to the death camps. The worst year of the Holocaust would be 1942 because that is when more

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