The Power Of Love By Sue Johnson

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The bonds people form as infants from the time that person grows old, are important to their way of life (Johnson, 2016, p.10). The decrease of heart risk, the reduced stress, and the longevity of life are all aspects that come from a successful relationship with strong confident bonds (Johnson, 2016, p.13).The same can be said though for people with orientated and problematic relationships with harmful side effects like decreased life, excessive amounts of cortisol, and uncontrollable weight gain (Schaeffer, 2009, p.24). All the side effects shown and more have been proven with multiple researches and experiments throughout the years that support the claim; relationships can affect different aspects of a person’s life. In the magazine article, “The Power of Love” published by Time in 2016 and written by Sue Johnson, she explains that the quality of a relationship can have its health perks, but also it can be a peril in its absence. The disturbing truth is that an epidemic of depression is increasing steadily in this society. The rise in isolation and social disorder is so demanding on the human body it warrants a patient to doctor appointment (Johnson, 2016, p.10). This is because of the rise in technology, leading to the isolation a person might feel in life. It is often said that recently a person’s life partner is the only reliable source of comfort the significant other has in a society of isolation (Johnson, 2016, p.10). The bond people have with one

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