The Powers And Functions Of The Executive Mayor

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The Executive Mayor is the political head of the Municipality. The Structures Act defines an Executive Mayor as an elected in terms of section 55 of the Act. Only municipalities of the type that have a mayoral executive system may have an executive mayor. A Mayoral executive system is a system of municipal government which allows for the exercise of executive authority through an executive mayor in whom the executive leadership of the municipality is vested and who is assisted by a mayoral committee. The powers and functions of the Executive Mayor are set out in section 56 of the Structures Act. Functions of the Executive Mayor are illustrated below.
Section 56 (1) states that an executive mayor is entitled to receive reports from committees …show more content…

Section 56 (3) states that the executive mayor in performing the duties of office, must:
a) identify and develop criteria in terms of which progress in the implementation of the strategies, programmes and services can be evaluated, including key performance indicators which are specific to the municipality and common to local government in general
b) evaluate progress against the key performance indicators
c) review the performance of the municipality in order to improve the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the municipality, to improve the efficiency of credit control and revenue and debt collection services; and to improve the implementation of the municipality's by-laws.
d) monitor the management of the municipality's administration in accordance with the directions of the municipal

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