“The President Has Been Shot” the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

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“The President Has Been Shot” the Assassination of John F. Kennedy tells the story of one of the most horrifying events in American history. James L. Swanson takes the reader through the events leading up to the assassination and depicts the sunny, Texas afternoon on November 22, 1963 with dramatic details and an impeccable perspective. Born in Brookline, Massachusetts in May of 1917, Kennedy remains the youngest man ever elected president of the United States. John, known to friends as Jack, had a powerful family background. His maternal grandfather was the former mayor of Boston and his father served in FDR’s administration. Kennedy himself had a strong military past before running for the House of Representatives in 1946, later…show more content…
Swanson also greatly depicts the murderer, Lee Harvey Oswald and his precise plan for killing the president. The killing occurred during the President’s motorcade through downtown Dallas, as it lead straight to Oswald’s work. “President Kennedy did not like it when his bodyguards rode on the car because he thought it made him look less approachable to the people (page 95).” Sitting in the car was Jackie to his left, the driver, and the Texas governor in the front. Oswald shot two bullets before successfully slicing through JFK’s hair, making a hole in his scalp, perforating his skull. The book continues telling the events of actions taken after his murder, including Jackie’s distress, the funeral, and his burying. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as it went into great detail on various events and the thoughts of each of the people involved. It was an easy book to follow, which can be hard with a book that covers so much information. I would definitely recommend this to another US History student or someone that enjoys learning about not only history, but life changing events, such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I was very interested in John F. Kennedy and his death after watching the movie on Lifetime that Mrs. Macioce wanted us to watch earlier in the year. I decided to choose this book to further my knowledge on the topic, especially since we have recently learned about mentioned
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