The President Of Human Resources Essay

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On February 15, 2016, the Vice President of Human Resources announced that she in collaboration with the Office of Intercultural Affairs want to revisit our current Leadership Development Initiative. While both offices agree with what we have in place now, they are interested in gaining a better understanding of how we the faculty and staff, currently feel about our workplace community. This process began with a campus-wide Faculty/Staff Engagement Survey, after which each school and division would then dig a little deeper with a Climate Survey tailored to their areas. In this paper, I will define what an organizational climate survey is and how it is used, what our experience has been thus far, and where we are now. Organizational climate refers to the employees’ collective views of their work environment, and an organizational climate survey records it. I would compare this survey to that of a weather report. Just as a weather report measures climate, this survey is used as a tool to measure the attitudes and beliefs of employees. In a picture-perfect workplace ‘climate,’ sunny beach days would be the preferred steady occurrences. The results of the survey can shed light on the nuts and bolts of the company, which can help to leverage its strengths. The feedback can then help bring to light issues, that may be inhibiting individual and organizational success. Organizational Climate Surveys have been in use for well over 40 years. Two Harvard University

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