The President Of The United States Of America Essay

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On November 18 2016, the famous businessman Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th president of the United States of America. Trump is not just a business fellow; he is a narcissistic, belittling, impolite as well as racist and sexist individual. He won the presidential race to 42nd USA president Bill Clinton’s wife, Hilary Clinton. His victory sparked great conflict on American soil as well as worldwide as people could not believe that such a conceited character like Donald Trump, that had no former official political experience, could be elected to perform such an important job as opposed to Clinton, who has been fully invested in politics since her early adult years. The easiest, most obvious reason for this discrepancy was the battle of the sexes: even while being totally fit for the position, the woman will always lose to the man even while he is evidently unfit. Politics represent only a single aspect of life but this conflict is spreading onto numerous aspects. Whether it is regarding work salary inequality or the constant battle for rights like the right to abortion, women continue to be oppressed. The concept of misogyny, the general dislike, mistrust and prejudice against women ( n.d.) has been around for as long as we have known. This particular essay pertains to the field of psychology where the accomplishments of important female individuals where overshadowed by those of their male peers. In fact, when reading a typical scholar psychological

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