The Princess And The Frog Analysis

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1.Princess and the frog film took place in the 1920's in a capitalist society where some groups dominant minorities. Disney's message is one of empathy: how different groups of people learn from each other by ‘walking in the other person's shoes'.This was seen very well when the film was introduced by a scene that shows the effort and the insistence Tiana has from the beginning till the end of the film.On the other hand,Charlotte was portrayed as a foolish girl with no traits that a female can comply…The contradictions in characters between Tiana's and Charlotte appeal the good traits of black people who were honorable,decent,loving and hard-working…Also,we see a diversity in relationship portrayed through Tiana and Charlotte and at the end of the film when Tiana became a princess.So,diversity in culture was portrayed throughout the film.
On the other hand, Tiana ends up with a racial prince Naveen rather than a black prince. Prince Naveen, who many are saying looks white. Disney says that the prince is not white. So, why Disney did not use this opportunity to end up with a black couple? Why can't a black man be seen as a hero? Disney obviously doesn't think a black man is worthy of the title of prince.So,other opinions are derived from the relationship between Charlotte and …show more content…

Black magic portrayal was insulting. when white Disney characters are shown in their fantasy land, with white magic stars and sparkles and pretty flowers and blue skies, magic wands, and fairy godmothers. On the other hand,there was ‘‘black'' magic, dark shadows and ghosts and demons lurking in the shadows. That was awful; there was not a good spirit surrounding the movie at all. The characters were all dark. It was not uplifting, and it did not hold a lot of the kids

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