Comparison Of Ethnic Characters In Disney

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Disney. The word that is widely known all over the world and is recognized as a part of many people’s childhoods. But when one thinks of Disney movies, which movie pops up first? Is it Cinderella, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty or something else? Many movies have been released by Disney but it seems as if throughout the years only certain ones continue to thrive and have gained more popularity than others. Several of these movies have to do with the recurring theme of a Caucasian female princess and male hero. When one looks at the movies that contain ethnic characters it seems they are either stereotyped or used as background, except for the small percentage where the ethnic character is the lead role. What will be discussed is the quality, quantity, and accuracy of ethnic characters in Disney animated films.
When it comes to quality of the movies, there will be comparison on how certain ones received more attention to detail and design. For example, in the movie Frozen there are several components such as the snow, clothing and overall images that came into great detail upon how it would be executed. According to Oh My Disney (, it states that the piece where Else builds her ice castle was produced by 50 people and that it took 30 hours for one portion of the scene to make. Furthermore, the group that was in charge of creating the snow used many variations of animation, hand drawings, and precise

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