The Princess Bride By William Goldman

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For this assignment, I chose to watch The Princess Bride, a film based on the book written by William Goldman. The story is of a beautiful maiden named Buttercup. When she hears word of her true love, Westley’s, ship being taken over by the Dread Pirate Roberts in which there were no survivors. Upon Westley’s death, Buttercup reluctantly agrees to marry Prince Humperdinck, who seems to have a plan of his own. When Westley returns as the Dread Pirate Roberts, he finds Buttercup in grave danger in the hands of Vizzini, the man we later learn was hired by Humperdinck to kill his bride and frame Florin’s sworn enemy, Guilder. After using his sword fighting skills and strength to outwit Inigo, the Spanish swordsman, and Fizzik, the giant, he then uses his wit to kill Vizzini, Buttercup’s capturer. Once Buttercup is able to identify Pirate Roberts as Westley, they continue on their journey, only to be thwarted by Prince Humperdinck, Count Rugen, and their men. Buttercup is then tricked to believe that they let Westley go free, even though they have him tortured and eventually killed. In need of his skills and strength, Fizzik and Inigo miraculously save Westley in order to seek revenge on Inigo’s father’s killer, Count Rugen. The three of them then break into the castle, Inigo gets his revenge, and save Buttercup, riding off on four white horses. As in every plot line, there are various conflicts that occur in this film. Conflict, as we have learned, is a “disagreement between
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