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As the princess seen her lover in another girl’s arms. She got more angry. “I have to do something about this,” said the princess.
After, the long hug the servant looked straight at the princess. The boy saw anger grow in her eyes.The king saw the princess angry. “What is wrong honey?” said the king. “Oh, nothing just have a lot on my mind.”
That night the princess laid in bed thinking “what can I do?” She had an idea but wanted someone to do it with her. That next morning she went to the most understanding person she knew. She called her lover. “ I need to be with you, can we do something to be together?” said the princess. “ I will do anything to be with you but what about your father?” said the servant. “It doesn’t matter what …show more content…

Can you have him call me when he gets the chance,” said the princess “Sure?” said the lady.
The boy never called so she got worried. So she called a few times and nobody answered. “Father where did that servant and the lady go?” said the princess. “Honey I have told you that you need to forget about that boy and he was pathetic. So you might as well forget about him now.”
The princess became very angry. So the princess left to go find her soulmate. She only thought of one place that they could be the under ground house. But she didn’t know how to get down there. Then she remembered that there was key to get down there. She knew exactly where it was. So well her father was asleep she snuck into her father’s room. The next night she would do the crime. But the servant wasn’t answering so she had to do it by herself. The big night came! “I am ready to get my man back,” said the princess.
She left with a knife. A big one too. She went down to the house and they both were sleeping. It was so dark she couldn’t see. She went to the left side of the bed and she put the knife right too her heart. Then a screamed happened and it wasn’t a girl voice. She just noticed that she killed the love of her life. The lady just looked a her. The lady sprinted to the door to go get the king. The princess threw the knife right in the ladies back. The princess didn’t know what to do. She killed the lady and the love of her life. After the princess stood there watching

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