Analysis Of The Book ' Lorraine '

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Once there was two worlds that intersected with one onother.One world was called “Lorraine” were humans without power lived under the king’s rule. The other world was called “Reich dole”, where creatures possessed dark power, and with no king to rule them they lived happily to their desire. In between the world of the dark creatures there lived vampires, but after years of their appearance only a few humans knew about their existence. Among them “she” too, knew about their existence. She lived in a small village as a witch away from her parents. She was from a special bloodline, which included inheriting the power to “see” the future. Several scenes just pop out that showed her a scene that would occur sometime in the future. So, it…show more content…
Without realizing she ended up at the end of the forest, facing the unexpected. As soon as she reached the end and trying to regain her breath she looked up to find herself face to face to something she already had seen. The castle, which had pop several times on her visions. A creepy, old looking castle that appearance made it even worse than the forest. Suddenly, a loud noise came from her back .Knowing that it could be the strange figure she needed to hide, but where, so gathering courage she reached to the castle, opened the gates to the inside door and walk in. The inside was dark with only three candles glowing. She called out, hoping someone could hear her, but unexpectedly someone grab her from the back and covered her mouth making it impossible for her to breath. She soon lost consciousness. She later woke up not knowing what had just happened, and found herself tied up in thorns that were cutting her body. Inch by inch blood cover her from the wounds she was getting. She panic and started to kicked and move her body around to try to free herself, but the more she moved the more pain it cause her. Suddenly loud steps were reaching her, she closed her eyes daring not to see. Her whole body was trembling and her heart racing. The sound stop and saw two tall and beautiful men starring at her, but their red crimson eyes and fangs froze her completely. She also had seen this two men on her visions. The ones she used to
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