The Principles Of Goal Setting Applied

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How are the Principles of Goal Setting Applied in this Case
The case study incorporates the multiple perspectives, including the industry, organizational, and employee-based remodeling tools (Layman, 2011), which may help the management of HIS domain to properly set goals which are meaningful, considerate and are in alignment with the department’s strategic goals, objectives and mission. In addition the study also provides three levels of consideration while devising efficient and effective goals to optimize the performance, process and work dynamics of jobs and responsibilities. These include the hard side of organizational theory dynamics—including specialization, departmentalization, unity of command, and span of control, soft side of organizational behavior and employee motivation (Layman, 2011)—including nature and type of job tasks, jobs’ characteristics and demands, and their contextual factors (Layman, 2011) which help organizations to effectively align its strategic values with the job and work redesign models.
All these critical aspects provide the management with the important tools to consider while redesigning the processes which require the employees to set efficient and achievable goals to accomplish the requirements of the ever evolving nature of HIS department processes.
Further the weighing in factors (Layman, 2011), of choosing different courses of action as per the environmental and contextual requirements at hand and the tools to locate and identify the

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