The Theory Of The Scientific Management

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This report aimed to find the concept of the Taylorism is still effective in these days. It would seem that, Taylorism is “out-dated” theory of the Scientific Management however this theory is foundation of the organization management. Theory is all about how to be increase effectiveness of work place and how to encourage worker’s productivity.

This report is also studies experiments of the Asch and Milgram. These experiments provide us how powerful is social pressure for decision making process. Based on their experiment, this report reveals the resistance of the change within organization and how to manage those people during the change process.

It is clear that all the successful organization’s performance and their profit defend on
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This report has 2 main sections and purpose of this report is find out the Taylorism is still effective in any organization. On other hand, study the social pressure sways someone decision making ability, by watching video of Milgram and Asch’s experiments.

2.0 Brief explanation of the Taylorism
In late 1800s, Frederick Taylor found the scientific management theory that suggested how to make the workplace more efficient and maximize productivity. Since this theory applied many industries, including Ford Motor Company, it created ergonomics (or human factors), industrial mass production furthermore assembly lines, yet some scholars believe this theory still exists nowadays.
According to Koumparoulis and Dimitrios (2012), Taylor 's management theory is still relevant today and despite of the location of organization, it helps shape of organization. Above mentioned scholars also suggested that, regardless of the acceptance of workers, any type of business organization wants to increase their productivity, they often implement Taylorism into the firm’s work place.
One of the key fundamentals of the Taylorism is reduce labour cost, which is applied in Call centre. In general, call centre is designed to make more efficient communications, provide satisfaction, helps to reduce any type of expenses related to the business and increase operational
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