The Problem Of Air Pollution

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Almaty is in the list of ten most polluted cities in the world. Even Moscow is on the 14th place, which means that the problem is not in the cars number only. (KazakhstanToday, n.d). Moreover, some of the Kazakhstani experts claim that air pollution in Almaty will soon achieve the critical point (Kapital, 2015). The problem is that both the government and citizens understand the current problem, but there is still no change. Air pollution causes environmental changes, increasing in average temperature and also a lot of illnesses and diseases such as allergies and lungs problems. The problem has to be solved because Almaty is the financial center of Kazakhstan and a lot of people including students, workers, foreign tourists come every year. Almaty does not have a lot of factories, so the main cause of air pollution is transport. Due to increasing of air pollution from transport in Almaty, which causes cardiovascular mortality of 446 people per 100,000 in Almaty (Kenessariyev et al,2013) , the problem has to be solved by building more metro stations, prohibiting old cars coming to the city and promoting using pollution-free clean natural gas.
Air pollution in Almaty has been a big problem until recent days. It is located among mountains, so it is more difficult for air to ventilate. Because of that, a lot of greenhouse gases remain in the atmosphere of the city. With increasing amount of population and vehicles, the air is becoming more and more polluted. Today, Kazakhstan

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