The Problem Of Drug Addiction

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February 2016, at my first job feeling alienated and abandoned I made a bong with my boss and smoked weed. A few months later, I did cocaine with my other boss and was instantly in love with it. This was the greatest mistake of my life and it resulted in a 6 year period of self-destruction that often accompanies addiction.
Drug addiction has always been common in societies since the dawn of civilization. What causes drug abuse though? Theories abound from peer-pressure (plays a role) to dysfunctional (broken) homes. The sensation of drug addiction originates from the emotional and societal factors that affect each individual. It starts out recreational, to let loose and briefly enjoy a sensation of joy and forget the troubles of your family situation. I come from a home that was broken multiple times and everyone I’ve encountered with drug issues has come from a broken (dysfunctional/neglectful) home. Obviously, the desire to fit in with peers plays a role, but why? People gravitate towards what is similar to them. If you’re broken and unable to cope, you will find yourself becoming intimate with others who are broken and don’t know how to cope. When you find this flock of society, you will look at what they’re doing to feel better or “normal” and imitate. Drugs are easy to fall in love with due to the sanctuary they grant from current conditions as well as for those who seek constant euphoria. Drugs subtly become an addict’s singular spring of delight for the individual

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