The Problem Of Global Warming

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Have you ever wondered why people tell you not to drink water when it is raining outside? Well the answer is simple pollution has affected our water source by ground and in air. This is rain is most likely to be in high population cities called acid rain. This acid rain not just harms people, but also harms animals and plants. According to British Broadcast Company (BBC), In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, over 50 tons of dead fish were taken from the lagoon the scientist have figured that they fishes were deprived of oxygen because of a phenomenon called algae bloom which was caused by pollution of sewage during this period of time. Pollution is our worst enemy, but it is also a lesson that we can learned and conquered with our new technology and with the help of society. One of the problems is global warming. Global warming is only possible by having excess of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. So where is the excess carbon dioxide coming from? Have you ever spray a can of hair spray well that hair spray contains carbon dioxide, but just one person doesn’t make a difference now think about a whole world who uses it each time you spray, carbon dioxide is released in the world, yet this is not the real threat of global warming. The real main threat is fossil fuel, one of the most popular energy that we have today in our world. Now that the world is more industrialized we use more fossil fuel because of refineries. When any machines starts burning the fossil fuel such as gasoline,

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