The Problem Of Heart Disease And Diabetes Type Two Essay

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The Starting Line This year 76 million Baby Boomers in America are entering their fifties and sixties, yet this generation is not the only one suffering from diseases derived from an unhealthy diet. Advances in medicine have continued to preserve lives, but still researchers have not found a miracle that fully sustains the quality of everyday life. Overcrowding and neglect is the fate of patients seeking long-term medical attention if individuals continue to lack nutritional knowledge, and depend on the care of others to survive. Heart disease and diabetes type two are factors that lead to a life of dependency and make a significant contribution to the large population needing medical care. These specific diseases take years to develop and can last a life time. Acting to prevent them includes consuming an adequate diet and managing an active lifestyle. Prolonging physical health with the use of nutrition and ecercise can insure a longer, happier life as well as, alleviate the need for medical assistance for daily activities for those with diabetes and heart disease. When an individual has a diet high in saturated fat they increase the risk of plaque in their arteries which later leads to Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). CVD alone is the cause of more than 2,200 deaths each day according to the American Heart Association Statistical Update. Heart disease is the number one killer for men and weman in America. CHD is the most common type of

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