The Problem Of Population And Growth Essay

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Population and growth is a massive issue in the world today. It has held geographers’ interest for several years. There has been discussion and debate over the max amount of people that the world can sustain. Some geographers believe that the world is already overpopulated, while others believe that we are working toward a serious overpopulation problem in the future. One thing that everyone can agree on is some countries and regions, such as China, are vastly over populated, and other countries and regions, such as Europe and Japan, are experiences issues with population decline. In all three cases there are external and internal contributors. These places are attempting to deal with their population crisis in different ways, such as child incentive policies, population control policies, and even immigration policies.
Demographic transition is defined as a model that describes the stages of population change within a country. The country will start out having a high birth rate, high death rate, and low rate of natural increase; then moves through a middle stage of high birth rate, low death rate, and high rate of natural increase. Finally, the country will reach the third and final stage of a low birth rate, low or medium death rate, and low or negative rate of population increase (Hobbs G-5). Europe is considered the real life example of demographic transition. In the third stage of the demographic transition, they are currently experiencing what is commonly acknowledged
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