The Problem Of School Violence

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The somewhat recent event of Sandy Hook has been a major focus of debate among any serious discussion about school violence in America. Yet, just since Columbine, there has been over 100 school shootings, not including stabbing, rape, or even fist fights (in which there was serious injury or death). Despite this unprecedented level of aggression among our nation’s youth, the nation, in its entirety, has not dedicated an appropriate amount of time and energy to coming up with a solution. The bulk of the hard work needed in order to create a safer atmosphere for our children has been left to our teachers. Yet, the workload of a teacher, along with his/her inability to interfere in out-of-classroom affairs, would make him/her extremely inefficient in doing so. What exactly are these expectations? How many of these standards can a teacher feasibly meet?
My first, and maybe only, sentiment with teacher involvement would be due to the assumption that every violent child could have been “saved” before they resorted to violence. Many would say that the student was merely distraught or abused and should suffer no blame for such atrocities. I find this utterly ridiculous. When adults commit similar crimes, especially the murder of dozens of people, how quickly does the public deem them psychopaths? Psychopathy is a very real and very serious impairment. This mental deficit can have countless causes which may include the absence of oxytocin on stimulus or an unluckily placed tumor.…
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