The Problem Of The Addiction

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The term addiction has been perplexing psychologists and humanity for many years. Normal people can’t seem to grasp what truly drives addiction and what addicts themselves go through on a daily basis when dealing with it. Hence, society has produced such a negative connotation associated with the term addiction such as cravings, compulsions, and dependence, that the true meaning of the term has been lost, and with it, its solution. People seem to believe that an addict is a lost cause, forever to dwell in the depths of depression and mischief, and can’t be reintegrated to society. In reality addiction is a major setback and obstacle in one’s life, but it is truly curable and can leave one even stronger than before. Most psychologists…show more content…
A taste of a drug may seem like sin to some, but to others it may just be satisfying natural curiosity about what the particular drug is like, not knowing that it could lead to themselves being addicted to the vile substance. What most people strongly believe is that addiction only comes in the form of drug, sex, and anything crude. Or that only low income and minority individuals get addicted to substances. But in fact the truth is people can get addicted to anything, and anyone can get addicted. So much so that television has even created a show about weirdest addictions around. Some of the most notable ones include being addicted to hoarding, keeping trivial possessions in one’s home. Some of the hoarding episodes can be absolutely disgusting since an enormous amount of rotten food and excess items leads to an infestation. Most of the hoarders are unwilling to let all their “prized possessions” go, and sometimes cry when people try to take away their “junk”. This isn’t even a portion of what’s really out there. Some people are addicted to the most strange and disgusting things that I’ll just leave it out of this essay for your sake. But not every addiction is severely deadly or disgusting, some addictions can seem harmless and actually beneficial. This is when it becomes difficult to determine what’s truly a addiction, or just a serious hobby. Some people think excessive television watching or excessive gym workouts are just hobbies, but they
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