The Problem Of The Field Of Education

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Return to what you wrote for “Learning Activity #3” to set up an introduction to the topic for your “posing” of a research question. You should again justify why this topic is important to the field of education, not just to you or your particular school or district. Transition happens to everyone and it happens constantly. We all transition from birth to childhood, childhood to adolescence and adolescence to adulthood. However, transition can be a challenge and frightening to others, especially students with disabilities. As educators, it’s important to grasp the idea that transition is occurring and to always provide support to students. For students with disabilities transition can be challenging and they may need extra assistance.…show more content…
(You are no longer describing the studies separately. Now you are describing what you learned about your topic from reading all of them. However, remember to cite what you learned; do not go beyond what you learned from the 5 studies!) After analyzing and investigating the five research studies on transition programs for youth with disabilities to high school students transitioning into post secondary education, I noticed in three of the studies conducted, there was an idea linking the studies together. The first point was in regards to finding out what strategies have been proven effective in supporting students with disabilities during transition. In order to understand transition programs, it is important to first look at what elements make the programs successful and how strategies are being implemented. In one study, researchers were looking at the results of a pilot program for transitioning high school seniors with disabilities into post-secondary education. (Robinson, Hodges, Wei, Schmidt, & Barnard-Brak, 2013.) I found this intriguing due to the fact it was only for seniors, it was a year long program and only 43 students voluntarily enrolled. The study done on the key factors that enhance transition programs for students transitioning from school-to-work. (Doren, Yan & Tu, 2013.) and the study conducted on transition for young children (Rosenkoetter, Schroeder,
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