The Problems Faced By James Diamond Design Ltd

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James jewels is based on west Yorkshire and it is a family run jewellery design company that has been in business from the past 50 years. They are often the first choice for high quality and creative jewellery design in the standard as well as the bespoke section. James jewellers create a fine range of jewellery, from earrings and necklace to rings and bracelets so that they maintain a high level of quality, customer support and brand awareness. Due to the closure of the east Yorkshire site the profitability and morale of the company have been affected and the staffs from the west Yorkshire site has been moved to the west Yorkshire site thus creating problems and issues in the organisation. The problems faced by James jewel Design ltd …show more content…

Lack of Human Resource Department James jewel design ltd is facing lack of human resource department which is leading to lot of problems in the organisation. Due to lack of human resource department the company does not have proper policies and procedures, there is no training and development in the organisation, there is no appraisal or motivation for employees or staff for insistence the production manager’s has strict control over the pace of work, he sometimes pushes the pace to a level where it is impossible for the staff to work hard, he ignores the wishes of the staff which demotivates the staff and makes them carry out their work at some other place. Due to lack of appraisal the standard section has lots of conflicts due to the number of staff working. Politics and blame game There are a lot of politics and blame game taking place in James jewel design since the supervisor instead of solving the problems of the employees blame each other for the mistakes which leads to time wastage in the

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