Case Analysis : The Shamrock Diamond Corporation

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The purpose of this case analysis is to use ethical principals, a decision model and personal assessment for making a choice proposal if you were in the place of the decision makers. The proposal deals with management employee relationships in The Shamrock-Diamond Corporation. The Shamrock-Diamond Corporation is global manufacturer of cutting, drilling and grinding instruments. The company today consists of 72 firms employing 18,600 workers at 96 plant sites in 15 countries. Mario Pellegrino is the chief executive officer of The Shamrock-Diamond Corporation for 12 years. Under his direction the company has been profitable and has increased dividends for stockholders while continuously increasing his workforce. He is holding a meeting with his board of directors in order to introduce a proposal for the company. The decision makers in this case are board of directors, which is composed of successful business that didn’t think much about management employee relationships. Before introducing his new proposal Pellergino talks about a seminar he attended. Two years ago, he attended a two week seminar on “Ethics and the Business Corporation” at Dartmouth College. The main topic that participants discussed was the obligations of managers to lessen employee discontent. Pellegrino discovered most American corporations do not have institutionalized ethics programs that deal with employee-management. Although corporations have “open door grievance policies, most employees do not

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