The Process Of Stp Process

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The Process of STP.
STP process is one of the important strategies in the market studies which divide the entire market into several portions. STP stands for Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.
Market segmentation may stands to identify different groups within the consumers and also provide useful data. Next process after the segmentation will be the targeting. Different consumer groups can be obtained in the market. Therefore only one marketing strategy will not be suitable. Product targeting can be done on the basis of the consumer requirements according to different consumer groups which have been identified. In the process of STP, the last step will be the positioning. This includes developing a brand name in the mind of the consumer. This also might include improving the customer’s perception and involving some experience if they purchase the particular product. The main goal of the STP is to guide the organization and for the development which in turn lead to a marketing mix.
(Marketing 3E P by Paul Baines, Chris Fill. Page 202)

Aldi is a well-known supermarket discounter brand, a Choice supermarket survey in November 2009 found Aldi was 25 per cent cheaper than it is nearest priced competitor, <>
This has been achieved by their simple business model, reducing company operational expenditure, this means

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