The Profession Of Nursing : Values Of Honesty, Dignity, Integrity, And Autonomy

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The profession of nursing embodies values intrinsic in those who seek nursing as a career. The core values of honesty, dignity, integrity, and autonomy enable nurses to provide unparalleled health care in the most professional manner (Price & Hall, 2013). Nurses throughout history have held the reputation as front runners of healthcare, and often, the faces of hope. A trusted relationship between patient and nurse developed throughout history by the nurse upholding a respected professional image and nursing identity (Willetts G., Clarke D. 2012). It is through professional dress, demeanor, and dialect that character is recognized by those in which the nurse interacts. In order for nursing to remain a respected profession, it is the responsibility of nurses worldwide to maintain a professional image. As Bargagliotti (2014, p.23) stated, "how nursing is perceived inside and outside of the health care system directly affects how successful nurses will be in coordinating patient care." By maintaining a professional attitude at all times the public is ensured that the nurse will provide safe, precise, and exceptional healthcare. It is important to remember contemporary professionalism is not a novel concept. Nursing professionalism is an essential component of health care introduced by the works of Florence Nightingale during the Victorian era (Bargagliotti 2014). Professional image is a vital element of nursing and without a positive representation, society is hesitant

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