The Profession Of Physician Assistants

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Family Medicine Physician Assistants Physician assistants are professionals that practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. The profession was created in the 1960s because physicians began to notice that there was a shortage of physicians practicing in primary care. To solve for the shortage of physicians, Eugene A. Sted Jr.,MD of Duke University gathered four men who had medical training in the military and created the first class of PAs in 1965.This first physician assistant class graduated from Duke University on October 6th, 1967 and the profession had great support from the medical community and the federal government claiming the PA profession was a “creative solution to physician shortages.”1 Today, there is still …show more content…

The family medicine specialty is unique and different compared to other physician assistant specialties. Being that family medicine PAs see patients throughout the duration of their life, they also see patients with a variety of illnesses. The family medicine specialty can be considered a “generalist” specialty because they see patients for all things and not just focusing on one specific specialty which is perhaps why this specialty is favorable and the most popular specialty within the physician assistant profession. There are many duties and responsibilities that a physician assistants job includes. Although physician assistants practice under the supervision of a physician, PAs and physicians typically see their patients independently of each other. Because PAs will usually see their patients without a physician in the room, they are able to write prescriptions for medications to help treat their patients. Aside from prescribing medicine, PAs are also able to diagnose and treat illnesses, seeing patients in chronic conditions and managing their progress, ordering lab work when needed and explaining the results to their patients, conducting physical examinations, and being able to educate their patients on various

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