The Promise Of A Universal Health Care In The United States

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The promise of a universal health care in the United States over the years has only been limited to more words and a very little action. Those who can afford to pay for their well-being are better with or without it, but it’s the people living below the poverty line who are the real victims of these broken policies. With an increasing health care costs, it has become extremely difficult to get treatments for even the minor illness if one is not insured. This is a plaguing concern in both the small and big cities across America today. Columbus, OH, a thriving metropolis, is not far from the reality either. Per the U.S census bureau’s report, the city currently has an estimated population of 850,100 people in 2015 (United Census Bureau, …show more content…

In 2014, eleven percent of Ohio adults below the age of 65 lacked any kinds of health coverage (Exner, 2014). Even with the Medicaid expansion, this was just a 0.5 percent drop from the previous year. It’s apparent that people without insurance coverage have worse access to care than people who are insured. Skeptics of getting large medical bills, the uninsured are less likely to seek usual care, which sometimes leads to an extreme illness or even death. In 2015, 53% of the uninsured people in the country said that they or someone in their household had difficulty paying medical bills in the past twelve months (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2016). With an income that can barely put food on the table, they get into a dilemma of whether to make hospital visits or pray for the sickness to go away. An uncle of mine had also been through this situation in 2014. A blue-collar worker who came to Columbus from Nepal eight years ago, he belonged to the “coverage gap” group and wasn’t insured through the employer either. Fearing that he might get into debt, he resisted the idea of going to the hospital for the chronic coughing that he had been having in the last few days. But as his health deteriorated, he was finally admitted to the hospital for severe bronchitis. The fifteen-days hospital stay cost him $60,000 plus. With an uncertain future, he is still paying his debt. His story can resonate with many people who are living a life of uncertainty.

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