The Pros And Cons Of 360 Degree Video

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Gone are the days of traditional video viewing. Thanks to new technological advancements in cameras and online algorithms, we can now instantly open our smartphones and view the world around us in various directions including front, back, left and right, above and below, full spherical, and 360 view.

With 360 degree video, viewers can completely delve into a different world and venture to places they have never been to.

It’s easy to confuse 360 degree video with virtual reality, however, the latter requires a Virtual Reality (VR) headset which looks like a pair of goggles for a totally immersive experience.
In order to get a full view of video, you typically need to use a bunch of cameras joined together, and then “stitch” or club the views together at the …show more content…

Upon uploading videos to streaming websites such as YouTube, you as an OTT business owner can just click play and enjoy the viewing experience.

360 degree video, is however, a newer technology that is changing this practice. Unlike a standard video, 360 video is recorded in all directions, offering a complete 360-degree view.
While watching these videos, a viewer has complete control on the viewing direction. Moreover, they can watch the video from any angle.
360 degree videos can be viewed on both computers as well as smartphones and can be simply uploaded to YouTube and Facebook.
To watch a 360 degree video on a computer, simply click Play to start playing the video normally. When it’s playing, you can change the viewing direction by clicking and dragging anywhere in the video screen.
While using your smartphone to watch 360 videos, viewers can simply move the phone to view the videos.
However, you will need to use either the YouTube or Facebook app. If you try viewing them in your web browser, you won't be able to change the viewing direction.

Virtual Reality (VR)

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