The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a doctor and I would watch videos of a doctor are doing surgery or explaining the procedure. So, one day I stumbled upon a video showing how they would take the baby out if the mother wants to abort it. So, I was like yeah that looks interesting, so I clicked on it and it was not what I expected. First, the doctor showed what tools he had to use and one of the tools was a clamp. I was kinda confused on why he would use a clamp. Then he started to explain the procedure using cartoon pictures however that did not make it less awful. He explained why they would use a clamp which was used to pull all the parts of the baby out of the mother piece by piece. At this point, I was horrified although I kept on watching it. So, he went on explaining how you have to grab on the body part tightly and pull, first was the legs, then the arm and so on. Since the head is too big to go out, he had to crush the head with the clamp and take the rest of the body out. Whenever he has taken the whole body out, he has to resemble the body to make sure he has all the pieces of the baby. I present to you that instead of having people abort their babies, we make the parents understand how important the babies are by letting their first born go in a horrendous way. In order to make the parents understand how precious their children are, they must know what it feels like to lose them. This is why I propose that all mothers, whether they want to abort the baby

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