The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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A debate that has been analyzed and discussed for many centuries, and still is today; is whether abortions, should be allowed to continue or prohibited. Although with that broad topic in mind, it brings up many other subtopics. One that is most considered is whether a fetus’ right to life is absolute. In today's society, people have different opinions on this topic, some believe that from the moment of conception, that a fetus is a human being, while others believe that regardless of how long the fetus has been in the womb, it not a human until it has experienced the world, developed morality, emotions, able to think for itself. In this paper I will argue that the fetus does not have a right to life, until it is born. Judith Jarvis Thompson speaks about in “A Defense to Abortions” that the life of a fetus is dependent on a woman’s body. Since her body is her own, then it is the right of the woman to give a right to life. Judith Jarvis Thompson brings up two analogies that I feel are the most powerful in her piece “A Defense of Abortion”. The first analogy she brings up is a famous violinist attached to your kidneys. In this analogy, she speaks about a group of people known as the “Society of Music Lovers” have kidnapped you and connected your kidneys to the famous violinist’s body, because you have the same blood type and are the only person who can cure him if you are connected to him for nine months. This is regarded as pregnancy due to rape, because you were kidnapped
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