The Pros And Cons Of Adolenged Marriages

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In American culture, marriages are optically discerned as very unpropitious. This is because we have grown up with the cognizance that when it comes time to espouse, we will have culled our spouse of our own free will. This way, the match will be a love match instead of being coerced into a marriage. Adolescent men and women grow up in India with a totally opposite view of marriage (Jain 7, 2017). It is taught, that when it comes time to marry, their parents will be the ones to find a suitable spouse. For over 1,000 years, Indian’s have perpetrated this tradition and have kept very rudimental credence’s and values when it comes to culling the spouse. As of 2016, over 90% of Indian marriages were arranged (Toledo 2017). Surprisingly, the divorce rate is lower in India than in the United States. Although arranged marriages are very prevalent in India, they are not always desired. Being coerced into a marriage can prove to be very stressful and awkward as shown by Nnaemka in the story “Marriage is a Private Affair” by Chinua Achebe. For over 1,000 years (Fish 2, 2017), parents and relatives have been arranging marriages for their children. There are pros and cons of arranged marriages. A benefit or arranged marriages is that there is no need to try and impress or attract anyone of the opposite sex because one could not choose to marry anyone of your choice (Toledo 2017). Another benefit would be that the families of the spouses are deeply involved in the entire process (Know
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