The Pros And Cons Of Antisemitism

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Equally as important, I’ve noticed that antisemitism and racism are associated with their racially constructed prejudice principles. As mentioned continuously throughout my essay, these terms comparably show those oppressed seen as “lesser” than those of other races. In particular, I’ve found that Jews were viewed as if they were like the “unfamiliar people” that were already known as “inferior” (Burton and Loomba 21). Thus, this automatically encouraged me to believe that Jews were compared to people that were already dealing with racism. Plainly, it connects those that follow racism with anti-semites because they are both viewing Jews and people of color as the same inferior races and not as individuals. I’ve also realized that Eugenics have even gone on to illustrate that physical traits testify to personality traits and intelligence, which is used against people of color and Jews by those that are racist or anti-semitic. For example, Jews and blacks were viewed to have “ingratitude” and “stubbornness”, which are known to be undesirable traits (Burton and Loomba 21). If that isn’t prejudiced enough, Eugenics have even compared the lower races to the “female” of the human species, which is believed to be inferior to the stronger “male” races (Levine 55). These apparent “male” races came to be accepted as “European whites”. Therefore, racism and antisemitism’s use of racial inferiority connects them as similar entities. I have even realized that there is a homogeneous
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