The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence seems to be taking over this world more and more each day. It has its positives such as makes life easier, error reduction, and useful for menial tasks, but at the same time has its negatives; artificial intelligence has its anxieties about runaway artificial intelligence being warranted such as its expensive, cannot replicate a human, creates unemployment, and the A.I. can be misused if in the wrong hands. First, artificial intelligence is important because it makes life easier for everyone. The illegibly weak artificial intelligences that are not really and are actually used on a daily basis are, GPS in our cars, the operating system assistants Alexa, Siri, and Cortana, which are designed to make simple things such as searching for something online or navigating your way through an unknown street much a lot more easier to surf through. As for the strong artificial intelligences, such as intelligent robots, are used in space exploration programs, performing tasks that would be otherwise nearly impossible to to do if done by humans. They are also applied in the medical field to perform complex surgeries that would be impossible or extremely difficult for humans to successfully complete (, 2017). Next, the error reduction of artificially intelligent machines has reduced the possibility of errors to a pretty narrow margin. Nowadays, you can navigate your way flawlessly through a crowded street in a foreign country by following the

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