The Pros And Cons Of Chair Bending

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is equatorial while the other one is axial. Chair flipping simply provides another equivalent conformation. Because one methyl is axial, this costs 1.8 kcal of steric strain. As a result, cis isomer is less thermodynamically stable as compared to trans. This is because trans has no steric strain in more stable conformation. The difference in energy is 1.8 kcal/mol. In cis isomer, one substituent is vertically up (or down) as the other substituent slants up (or down). Thus, they both point in the same direction. 1,3-Dimethylcyclohexane In 1,3-disubstitution pattern, if both groups are in cis formation, they will be equatorial. Therefore, in this case, cis isomer is more stable. Chair flipping provides a conformation of cis isomer with both
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