The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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I’m pro-life for the obvious reason people are pro-life...I believe the unborn child is a life and the most vulnerable and innocent of human beings at that. As a living being an unborn child would have an individual right, like the rest of us, to live and must rely on us born folks to protect them. However, I believe that it must often be an unfathomably difficult situation and decision for a woman considering abortion and I have compassion not judgment for her.

I think the concept that someone is a hypocrite bc they also oppose gun control (which is usually code for eliminating guns all together) and universal healthcare (or government-run healthcare) is based on the false logic that they they are the opposite of being for life and based on the equally faulty assumption that they would work in this country. Far from it, in my humble opinion.

Guns do not unequivocally equal death. This is demonstrated by the fact that Americans own 300 million firearms...if guns, not criminals, were the problem our problems would be far worse. Furthermore, I believe that we have the right to defend our lives, families and property from those who would unlawfully and forcefully take them. It is naive to believe that if we had more gun control that evil men would not still seek to steal, kill, rape and destroy. Further, guns are not only a last line of defense but a deterrent. In England, home invasions occur while residents are home six times more often than in America...I believe that’s

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