The Pros And Cons Of Islamophobia

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As it can be easily noticed, everything that is surrounding us tends to influence us the most; the media as well. Since they are so ubiquitous that everyone raises their trustworthiness toward them, it is certain to state that media sometimes play an important role in shaping people’s opinions toward things; especially when it comes to sensitive contents such as politics or religion issues, and in this case: Islamophobia. Due to the ability to generate people’s thoughts, they have consecutively risen the Islamophobia issues from time to time. As a result, they certainly impact the society as well as distorting the Muslims in many aspects. According to what Jackson (2010) has stated in his journal that “people learn what to think and how to…show more content…
From the former sentence, it is indisputable that some of it is actually the fact; nevertheless, from what Jackson (2010) has stated in his article that “although it is hardly to say that people learn to see Muslims as terrorists from the media, the situation itself does demonstrate that it is popular to associate Muslims with terrorism, and is therefore implied as acceptable of legitimate by American mass media”. According to Saleem (2017), “these negative media representations increase perceptions of Muslims as aggressive, negative emotions towards Muslims, and support forpolicies harming Muslims”, as a result, it is manifest to state that Muslims will be the one to be affected by such news, mostly in the negative ways. Firstly, (Kabir & Bourk, 2012) “in the context of terrorism, those responsible are usually identified as Muslims soon after the occurrence of the event and in most cases, the blame appears without providing confirmed information”. Accordingly, (Kurtishi & Ajdini, 2016) “when the fear and hatred are being spread among the society, the attacks to innocent Muslims around the United States and Europe, vandalism and graphite in their mosques and even killing Muslims citizens” are occurred as they are trying to figure out the solution for protecting
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