The Pros And Cons Of Living Together Before Marriage

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In the United States, it is very common to find married couples that live together prior to their marriage. This is a challenging subject faced by so many couples today; to live together before marriage or to stay separated until marriage? A quote well known in America is, “You do not truly know someone until you have lived with them.” Perhaps this statement holds some truth, but this also makes couples feel obligated to move in with each other before marriage. This American saying might even scare couples into moving in together before tying the knot. It can be a worrisome and a scary thought to marry someone without even knowing them. It is clear to see how a marriage could be unsuccessful without having a deep knowledge and understanding of one another (Warren 4).
It is becoming increasingly likely for couples to move in together before marrying. It is far less likely today that a couple does not live together before marriage than it was in, say, the 1800s (Warren 5). This shift may be a great change …show more content…

Maybe these successful marriages were even strengthened because the couples lived together before marriage. Many couples who live together before marrying get to become much closer with their partner. They also get used to their partners habits and how to live with their partner before setting their relationship in stone. While some statistics show us that living together before marriage can potentially lead to divorce, living with your partner before marriage may give you a new point of view. This may either strengthen or weaken your relationship. Also, may help you to determine whether marriage is the next best step for a relationship.
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